• task_alt The explanation of growth in simple terms. Suppose a person named "JOHN" owns 1,000,000 ZAIAT coins (worth $50,000) and decides to transfer these coins to another person.
    When JOHN makes this transfer to another person's account, the latter will receive 980,000 ZAIAT ($49,000). In the transfer made by JOHN, the applied TAX was 2% in the equivalent of 20,000 ZAIAT (value 1000 USD). The number of ZAIAT coins at the beginning will have an amount of 40,000,000,000 ZAIAT coins, and after the transaction indicated above, the total number remaining is 39,999,980,000 ZAIAT coins. All coins that were part of the transfer fee are automatically burned and cannot be re-entered into the system! The FEE from JOHN's $1000 transfer will be added as value in the remaining coins in the market (39,999,980,000 ZAIAT).
    If a coin was originally worth $0.05, it will now have a new value of $0.0500000250000125 because of JOHN's transfer fee.
    In the transaction demonstrated above, it can be realized that even if the currency increased in value, the capital remained the same, namely 2,000,000,000 USD.
    In conclusion, the ZAIAT coin does NOT grow and will never grow in a PYRAMID way!
    Our algorithm does not depend on sales or purchase volumes, but on a 2% fee applied to each transaction. This transaction tax is burned out of the general capital and passed into the remaining capital, generating growth. The number of coins decreases - BY BURN, the value of the other remaining coins - INCREASE, and the general capital remains the same in value.
    In other words, there is no pyramid scheme. Everyone wins. Any possibility of profit from fluctuations is excluded, eliminating the decrease. The algorithm is UNIQUE, which makes the ZAIAT coin UNIQUE.
    Zaiat holds a CT license based on CT technology.

  • task_alt CRINCEPTION TECHNOLOGY protected CT uses the same technique as Coca-Cola, where the product can be seen and tasted but cannot be copied.
    The 'recipe' of CT cannot be copied or published in written form, and will always remain confidential.
    Only trademark institutions have access to the CT code, but it will never be made public.
    Even if CT were made public, it would remain a registered trademark and cannot be replicated, regardless of whether the fee was 0.01% or 99.99%.

The first coin utilizing CT technology is ZAIAT

Here are the results of the first coin that uses CT technology.

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